Sunday, July 18, 2010

sunday, again.

Getting to know YOU

1. If you had to choose a country to live in besides USA (or the country you live in), which would it be?

Probably somewhere in Europe, and it wouldn't really be a country, I would sort of go where ever the wind takes me. 

2. Which would be worse, wearing flip flops in the snow or wearing gloves in the summer?

I think wearing flip flops in the snow. I am not a snow person, so the thought of subjecting my toes to the freezing cold sounds like torture compared to wearing gloves in the summer.  

3. Fried or Bake and why?
Baked. Healthier... I think.

4. If you were an entertainment reporter, which celeb would you love to interview and why?
Robert Pattinson... helllloooo... no explanation needed

5. What was your favorite book as a preteen/teenager?
I didn't really read much during high school. Except for one book, which was Looking for Alaska by John Green. It was pretty good. I read it cover to cover in one day. I bawled like a baby too. 

6. List your top 3 guilty pleasure television shows.
Real Housewives... of whatever city, The Office, and True Blood :)

7. What bumper sticker slogan best describes you/your attitude/your life?
"watch out for motorcycles"

8. If you were to join a circus - what performer would you be?

I don't know, I have never really been to a circus.


  1. Since your blog is one of my favorites, I left you a little something on my blog.

  2. I don't know you personally -- but I am friends with Sarah, and I have been reading your blog through the links on hers.

    I just wanted to give you a thumbs up.