Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Michael... part 2

Michael would have been 24 today. So I stole this idea from a friend of mine and wrote 24 memories and things about Michael. I wanted to share it on here.

24 Things About Michael Martins
  1. Our first kiss took place on January 18th, 2005. I don’t remember which date it was. Maybe the second or third. I am not too sure what we did on this date. All I remember is that we went to Barns and Noble in Fort Myers on 41. We walked around, held hands, looked at books, got some coffee. When we were leaving Michael opened up the passenger car door of the Avalon for me but he opened it half way, stood in front of me and kissed me. It was by far the best first kiss either of us had ever experienced. 
  2. One of the reasons why we never dated in high school was because of his feet. My freshmen year, his sophomore year, we were walking out to the parent pick up in the front of the school and as we were walking, I looked down and I saw his feet (he was wearing flip flops) and in that moment I thought to myself, “I will never date Michael Martins”. 
  3. During Michael’s senior year, when he was dating that one floozie, I was dating someone else as well. Michael had a class with my ex-boyfriend and he noticed that my ex was flirting big time with another girl. So when Michael saw me in the band room that day he rushed over to me to tell me that my boyfriend was cheating on me. It caused me and my ex to break up. I always remembered this while we were together, that if Michael could consider flirting the same thing as cheating, then I had nothing to worry about. 
  4. The very first bus ride for band of my freshmen year, Michael and I sat together in the front seat.
  5. Our very first date, Michael took me to Junkanoos on the Beach. I was so nervous to eat in front of him that all I ordered was a caesar salad. After dinner, we decided that we didn’t want to go home just yet, so we walked down the beach. We walked all the way to the pier and back talking about his boot camp experiences and my senior year and college plans. We still didn’t want to go home after that so we went and played pool at Hustlers in Cape Coral off of Santa Barbara. I remember that the avalon’s radio wasn’t working so he had a boom box in the back seat playing Disturbed. 
  6. When Michael gave me my promise ring for Christmas before he left on his first deployment, he spilled the beans about what he got me before he gave it to me. We were on the phone (I was at my dad’s and he was at his parents) and he said to me “So my dad really likes the ring” and I said “what? what ring?”, he then tried to make up some story about how he had this old ring and his dad really liked it. I later confirmed that this was indeed the promise ring he had got for me.
  7. Not only did he spill the beans about my promise ring, but he also told me about proposing to me before he actually did. The day that he asked me to marry him, we got in a fight. A bad one, and I told him to leave my house and not come back. Out of anger he told me that he just wasted thousands of dollars on a ring and making arrangements to propose to me that night and he didn’t know how he would explain everything to his parents. Obviously, we made up, but I knew the entire time what was up. 
  8. Michael was the accomplice for my surprise 18th birthday party. 
  9. On my 22nd birthday, me, Michael and our friends when out to Pacific Beach in San Diego. We all got really wasted and at the end of the night we were walking a friend of mine home but Michael got split up from our group. I couldn’t find him anywhere. He wasn’t answering his phone or anything. Eventually we found him laying on the ground next to an elementary school. It was so scary, but so funny at the same time. 
  10. Michael and one of his friends literally played video games for 10 hours straight one day.
  11. The first party we ever had at our house Michael got completely wasted. And it was only 5 in the afternoon. He was the reason why everyone left :(
  12. On Michael’s 21st birthday, he got so drunk that he tried to jump in a fire, slapped a man’s ass, spit water at me, broke a martini glass, peed his pants and barfed on the side of the road on the way home. All within 2 hours of being out. 
  13. Another reason why I did not date Michael in high school... We had a band competition up in Orlando (Bands of America to be exact) and we stayed over night in a hotel. During this particular time, Michael and I were “talking” and we definitely both liked each other. Well one night everyone went swimming. And I saw Michael with his shirt off. He had a hairy chest. I immediately stopped talking to him. 
  14. Freshmen year of high school, everyone in band did secret santa. Well Michael was my secret santa. And he gave me a bunch of business clothes his mom had purchased for his brother’s ex girlfriend. Let’s just say that they found a nice home at goodwill. 
  15. Michael always said that if he could be any animal at all, he would be a barn owl. 
  16. The first Marine Corps Ball Michael and I went to was in Vegas (the second time we started dating) at the Orleans hotel and casino. After driving for 6 hours from Camp Pendleton to Vegas we checked in, Michael quickly realized that they gave us the wrong room. We were supposed to have a room with a king size bed, but we got a room with two queen beds. Well in a very Michael-like fashion, Michael went back to the front desk to try to get our correct room. The front desk person realized that they had given away our room. He felt bad so he upgraded us for free. Michael ran up to our room quickly packed out stuff up and we went to our new room. Our new room was on the top floor and you needed the key to put in the elevator to press the top floor button. Once you get to the top floor there are golden gates that block all of the different hallways. So Michael put the key in the golden gate, it opened and we found our room. This room was amazing! It had a living room, a kitchen, a huge dining table, 4 tv’s, a huge bed, and a huge bathroom. 
  17. Michael loved to grill. The very first time Michael ever used our grill he cooked chicken. We didn’t have a propane grill, we had a charcoal grill that Michael had never really used before. Well he throws the chicken on when the coals are still on fire. I guess he thought the chicken was done once the entire outside of it was burnt black. Well I bit into that first piece of chicken my husband had ever grilled for us and I quickly realized that it was raw on the inside. I panicked and told Michael and he needed to put all the chicken back on the grill because it wasn’t done. He insisted that it was fine. That chicken was like stake, it was cooked in different temperatures. Like rare, medium, and well done. 
  18. On Michael’s second deployment, him and one of his friends grappled for a free pair of boots. Michael lost. And after he lost, he realized that the boots wouldn't have fit him anyway.
  19. When ever Michael was in the car, he always had to have the music up really loud. He was usually playing either Metalica, Tool, Jack Johnson, or Incubus. And whenever Michael was driving he would ALWAYS play his imaginary guitar on the steering wheel. On certain songs he would replay a certain part over and over again just to get the beat and the melody right. 
  20. Michael would sometimes come to class with me. Well he came to my first day of classes of my sophomore year at FAU. It was ok because all of my classes that day were huge, so no one would call or him or make him feel weird because he wasn’t supposed to be there. Well in my food and nutrition class, a 200 + class, the professor wanted to get to know her students. So she had all of us go one by one tell her our names, major, year in school, and why were were taking this class. So Michael was Riley Martins a freshman nursing major. And he was taking this class because he was interested in nutrition and because it was a requirement for the nursing program. 
  21. When our dog Koby hurt one of his hind legs and we thought that he would need surgery to correct it, Michael wanted to give him back to the rescue we got him from because he didn’t want to have a broken dog. 
  22. Michael emailed our FRO (family readiness officer) to see if she could get us tickets to see a Chargers football game. She was usually great at hooking us up with tickets to different things in San Diego so he thought he would give it a try. 
  23. When it came to going out to eat with Michael I always had to be conscious about what I ordered. It either had to be the same thing as Michael or something I knew he wouldn’t order himself. Because if it was something he liked, half of my food was sure to go missing.
  24. When Michael and I were reciting our vows to one another we both messed up on the same word. I don’t remember what word it was, but I knew that both of us messed it up. I remember I had to have the guy marrying us repeat it just so I could get it correctly. 
Michael's 21st Birthday - before he got ridiculous! 
His drink list (from what I remember) 
1. Beers from earlier that day
2. Heineken (from what you see in the picture)
3. AFM
4. Jack and Coke
5. Irish Car bombs
6. Vodka Martini
7. Long Island Icetea
8. Vodka shots
And I am pretty sure that was it. :)


  1. I LOVE this!! Such a great idea!! I loved finding our more about Michael on his birthday. I love how his feet and hairy chest were almost deal breakers!! lol! Lots of love to you and Michael on this awesome day, where a great man came into the world. And I cannot wait to see the video you made!! Love you girl.

  2. I love this post, it made me smile and lol. And, WOW, that drink list! I would have been slapping some asses and breaking things, too!

    Happy Birthday, Michael!

  3. Thank you Allison, for letting us know some things about Mikey we didn't know :)
    I specifically remember one incident regarding #23, ordering food :) We went out with you guys and Madrinha a couple times in 2007 and I remember him eating off your plate and I remember at another time him getting upset for you ordering the same food as he had so that he couldn't eat your food :) LOL!

    Love you!


  4. I laughed and cried. Well done baby.

    Happy Birthday Michael.


  5. Linda - How funny that you remember that!

    Thank you everyone for your love!