Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day, Smalentine's Day

Man oh man.
There's nothing more that I hate than a stupid made up holiday.
Oh wait. I do hate something more.
I hate the stupid made up holiday that makes me feel even more alone than I possibly could.
It's like adding fucking insult to injury.

This year, will officially be my second year without Michael.
I am still deciding what's worse,
being on a plane to go saw goodbye to my dying grandmother
or having to go a group project presentation and then going home to be alone?
I would have to say, I have definitely shed more tears this year.

I have always had a particular disdain for Valentine's Day.
Why have one special day to tell to tell those who are most important that you love them?
Michael and I didn't really care for Valentine's Day.
But we would partake in the festivities, sort of.
And I have to admit, it was really nice having someone to spend it with.
Even if it is a stupid made up holiday.

The last Valentine's day that we spent together.
Was amazing.
Michael got me roses.
I got him dark chocolate, pajama pants, and a new hoodie.
I loved to spoil him.

We decided that we would add to our little family of three.
We went to a dog rescue meet up to look at pups.
We looked and looked and we didn't find any dogs that suited us.
That was until we reached the last booth.
And there he was.

We adopted Koby on Valentine's Day, 2009.
That afternoon we took our pup to our favorite park to have a picnic.
We played with him, people complimented us on our beautiful dog, went for a walk.
The day was perfect.

It feels like then and now are worlds away.
The only things we had to worry about then was learning our new dog wasn't potty trained and figuring out how to decorate our new apartment.
Things are completely and utterly different now.
I would much rather spend this stupid holiday with my husband and our pup than a.l.o.n.e.



  1. I thought about you and Michael yesterday. I wondered what you were doing but I didn't call, I did send you a TM. I figured you were in class and I also figured you would find a way to occupy your time and thoughts like you always do. You're right, its a stupid made up holiday to sell greeting cards that unfortunately we all get caught up in. The best thing about Valentines Day for me is the reflections on love, that its eternal and can't die, its a tangible intangible. I love you baby doll. Kiss my Grandpuppy for me.

  2. WORST. HOLIDAY. EVER.!!! Hope next Valentine's Day is better! :)