Thursday, October 21, 2010

i wish

I wish Michael were here so I could tell him how fucking crazy you are.
I would tell him about all the things you said about me.

About us.

About him.

I wish I could tell Michael about you so he could kick your ass already.
Because someone needs to.
I wish I could tell Michael about you because I know he would laugh at how utterly ridiculous you are.

I thought that this morning.
Earlier than I would have liked to.
And I just cried and cried and cried.
Because it hit me.
That I have been left alone to deal with all of the crazies, the bad people, the people who are only out there to hurt you, all by myself.
And I can't tell Michael about it. 
He's not here to protect me from it.
To come and save me from anything that is painful.

And then I thought, he probably already knows.
And I'm pretty sure he's laughing at you.
And I am damn sure that he has his money on me if it were ever to come down to a fight.
And I am pretty sure he is pulling strings for me - some how, to protect me. 



  1. Aww hang in there hun, you will be ok. Just remember that Michael will always be there for you to listen to you talk about all the crazies & bad people you come across. I know it sucks not to have him there physically but he is still there regardless.

  2. Maybe if you were nicer to other people you would get respect in return! The world doesnt revolve around you nor will it stop just because your husband died. Bad people and crazies? Yeah...and you are the perfect one. Michael would probably be mad you are being so mean to other people. No one owes you anthing yet you expect to get everything for free...please. You are so ungrateful and selfish. You had something terrible happen to you but instead of learning from it and grieving youve turned into a mean bitter person who thinks everyone should kiss your feet! We all have loved ones who pass....we dont become assholes because of it.

  3. Maybe if people weren't a bitch to you it would be a lot easier to be nice to them. Chin up darlin for every person like this in the world there are 10 more that love you (me included)