Monday, January 24, 2011


I have writers block. But I'm not a writer.
I have come to a point where I am at a loss for words.
I can't seem to think straight so therefore, nothing to write about.

Sometimes I feel really passionate about writing something.
I'll have an idea, sentences, or a theme stuck in my head all day.
And it is absolutely imperative that I write something.
But lately it seems like everything I come up with or think about, is just something that I have already written about. (I'm pretty sure I have written about this as well).
Or I come up with nothing at all.

My head is such a mush that I actually have a headache from trying to sort through it all.
I guess it has been an emotionally draining day.
I don't know.

Shit still sucks. And it still feels like it happened yesterday.



  1. i totally get this post... hugs

  2. I know I've written about a lot of things over and over and over again, but some things are just important enough that you have to get them out more then once. And never apologize for that.