Monday, April 19, 2010

here's to a semi-happy ending...

We found Milo a new home! My in-laws have a farm out in Punta Gorda, FL and one of their neighbors out on the farm owns a lot of pit bulls. They have the pit bulls to go hunting for wild boars with. So my father-in-law called and asked the neighbor if he might want Milo. Danny, My brother-in-law came and picked Milo up this morning to go and show him to the guy and he likes Milo and decided to keep him! So Milo will live the good life, hunting boars! I was just happy that I didn't have to resort to taking him to the humane society. I am sure they are already crowded, and I don't even want to think about him having to beg for someone else to love him. I know he will have a good life there.

I was sad to see him leave but I know this is a good thing. I will miss him dearly. However, I won't miss the part of him and Koby fighting and trying to kill each other. I was having anxiety last night with him still here. The energy was just bad and I broke down. I really, as much as I hate it, just wanted him to go. Now, there is a sense of relief and calm in my house. I know it can only get better (concerning the dogs).

Koby is doing better. He isn't hobbling around anymore. I have an appointment to take him to his normal vet this afternoon. He is doing really well with having a cone around his head. It is funny to watch him run into everything. He literally looks like a satellite dish. I feel like my love for him has grown and the bond between us has only gotten stronger.

It will be much easier now. Michael and I had a lot of fun with Koby when it was just the 3 of us. If I want to go for a jog on the beach, I can take him with me and not worry about being pulled down the beach. I can take him around other dogs and people and not have to worry. This is a good thing. I can also finally bring Samara, our kitty, here too! Milo would have definitely eaten her. Her and Koby were always good together.

As for me, I am sad, but I am ok. My leg is still hurting but I have medicine to take care of the pain. I have an appointment next week to get my staples taken out. I have a carpet cleaner coming tomorrow as well. When I said the fight turned into a blood bath, I was not joking, there is blood everywhere in my room. I just pray that he is able to get out all of the blood. If he can't then I am afraid I will have to replace my carpet.

I just wanted to thank everyone for all of the support you have given me. Especially my family, I would be lost without you. Leah if you weren't there, Koby would be dead, I owe you big time. My mom, my in-laws, my brother and sister-in law have all been a huge help. Thank you. I know that Michael is proud of my decision and I don't regret it. Not only did I save myself and Koby, but I saved Milo as well.

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