Friday, April 30, 2010


So I am laying in bed, tossing and turning trying to force myself to go to sleep. Obviously, no such luck because I am sitting here at my desk top blogging... apparently about sandwiches. My mind is running, and it has been running a whole lot lately. I was laying in the dark and I start thinking about sandwiches and how the only truly amazing, classic sandwiches always paired one thing with another. Peanut butter and jelly. BLT. ham and cheese. I used to get an amazing sand which at a gourmet sand which place with brie, black forest ham, spring lettcue mix, and a cranberry chutney, I was addicted to it. The other day I had a pesto, mozzarella, and tomato sand which that was amazing. Michael and I used to go to an Italian joint in San Diego that would stuff pasta inside of a garlic roll -- our favorite was cheese ravioli in pesto sauce. If you are ever in SD you have to go to Devine Pastabilities.

What I am trying to get at is that every good, tasty, delicious sandwich, when you look inside it always has a pair (or more). It's the jelly that compliments the peanut butter. The cheese that makes the ham taste so good. I used to have my Michael that made me, me. You look at me now and I don't have my other ingredient to make me whole. I know I will always have him with me. I carry him around where ever I go. But physically, obviously, he is no longer here, by my side, making me whole.

Now I am just a boring mayonnaise sandwich. A stupid "i wish" sandwich...

I guess I am ok with that, I have to be. Besides, when I was a kid, I really did like mayonnaise sandwiches.

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  1. I truley believe we can keep being ourselves even without them. I keep saying to myself, I have to still be the girl he fell in love with. But I feel like only a half a sandwich as well, maybe just a mustard one, but hey I used to eat those as a kid as well. Maybe one day instead of having my turkey to compliment my mustard there may be a ham... or a bologna. I hope not a bologna tho... But for now we'll just be plain sandwiches but we'll be the best damn plain sandwiches the world ever saw! Ok enough rambling, hope you're doing well. From one gold star to another... <3