Monday, June 7, 2010

i miss you

I miss the feeling I get with your arms around me.
I miss the way your lips fit perfectly together with mine.
I miss hearing you call me "Tayte"
I miss the way that you smelled after working all days in your camies.
I miss going to church with you.
I miss always holding your hand.
I miss watching you from our apartment playing with Koby and Milo.
I miss your obsessive ways about cleaning.
I miss being woken up everyday to you kissing me goodbye before work.
I miss get text messages from you.
I miss sending you care packages.
I miss goofing off with you, dancing in our kitchen, making weird noises at each other, talking in our weird voices.
I miss helping you on your MECEP package.
I miss the smile on your face when you would walk through the door after work.
I miss cooking with you.
I miss talking about the future with you.
I miss when we would get sentimental, and that look you would give me. It was like I could look into your eyes and see the depths of your soul and see us tangled together.
I even miss you playing video games for hours on end.
I miss fighting with you, because after the fight, there would always be a make-up.
I miss getting dressed up and going on dates with you.
I miss riding on the back of your motorcycle.
I miss your big ugly feet.
I miss how whenever we were together, we always had to be touching.
I miss taking showers with you.
I miss getting 1 am phone calls from Iraq.
I miss your emails.
I miss watching movies with you. 
I miss EVERYTHING about you. I wish you could be home. I need you. I miss hearing you tell me you love me, because baby, I need to hear it now. 
I still can't believe you are gone. 
7 months and 1 day. 

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  1. So good, Allison. "I miss your big ugly feet" made me smile. My Mike had big ugly feet too :)You know he's right there with you, somtimes it's just hard to feel. Nothing as good as when he's there in the physical, though.