Wednesday, June 16, 2010

only the good die young

"Death is no longer something that
 happens in the future, when you get older. 
It barged into your life
without asking, took a seat at your 
kitchen table and cannot be kicked 
out the back door."

- Joanne Steen, from the book Military 
Widow - A Survival Guide


  1. I ordered that book but it's not here yet - do you find it helps you?

  2. I just started it last night actually. You didn't get a copy from your CACO when s/he brought over your ever-so-handy "the days ahead" binder?

  3. NO! I feel so robbed! I ordered from Amazon it was supposed to be in the mail before I left but, well, you and I know how "supposed" really ends up working out...